4cs are the most important aspects of the diamonds


These 4cs are Carat, Color, clarity and Cut Whenever you will go to choose the diamonds, Will look about these 4cs while selection the diamond Let Have Look on these for one by one,



When we ask to people that what color diamond you want to Buy??

  • They simply answer  -  "WHITE"

  • Well in white there are many colors LIKE DEF G...

  • Diamond Color Grade Starts with D, And End with Z.

  • D is the most whitest Color available in the diamond

  • Normally Diamonds Colors are Graded From D-Z

  • But there also colored diamonds available, we call them fancy

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In this Blog we will see how are lab grown diamonds made in laboratory.

As we know there two type of method for growing diamonds in lab. One is CVD - which known as chemical vapour deposition and another is HPHT which known as High Pressure and High Temperature method. First we will know about how CVD method works. For CVD Diamond Growing, Basic requirement is CVD Plasma Reactor and DIAMOND Seeds. Here diamond seeds are the thin layer of natural diamonds which is type2a, 100% purest Carbon form of diamond. We will put this diamond seeds in the diamond growing chamber. inside the chamber, plasma ball of super heated gases will be created. Heat inside the chamber will be increase with time, and will take it to the 900 degree centigrade plus and will

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In this Blog we will See Difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and natural diamonds. Difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and natural diamonds are invisible with naked eyes, Just the difference is about orgine. Lab grown diamonds are created in lab, we can say that grown in lab and natural diamonds are formed in the earth.


Lab grown diamonds are known as Lab Created diamonds, synthetic diamonds Man made diamonds, and also as cultured diamonds where natural diamonds also known as real diamonds , mined diamond. Lab Grown diamonds and Natural diamonds, both have same internal properties Lets check the detailed information for both.


Both have same Chemical Composition which is

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Here We will discuss about TWO TYPE of Lab Grown Diamonds CVD TYPE2A Diamond and HPHT  TYPE2 Also we will discuss about Some Major Differences about These Two Types. Lab Grown Diamond Created in Lab With Chemical Vapour Deposition is Known as CVD, TYPE2A diamond. Lab Grown Diamond Created in Lab  with High pressure and High temperature method which Known as HPHT TYPE2 Diamond. Both have same look, as natural diamond, everything is same. But because of difference in the making process, both react differently on diamond tester. CVD TYPE2A Diamond will show as Diamond on Diamond tester, and HPHT TYPE2 Will not show as diamond on diamond tester. this is major

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